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To place a property on the market, the following elements are required:


- Identification of the owners, For EU Citizens, national Identification Car, for UK or non EU Citizens valid passport. If the property is owned by a company then it will be required the permanent commercial certificate with identification of the company manager, this document can be acquired on the balcony of any conservatory, with this document will also be needed the identification of the legal representative of the company, owner, manager.


- Portuguese Tax Number, it can be acquired on any office of the Portuguese tax department, you can enlist the help of a lawyer or solicitor.


- Copy of the Land Registry Certificate, can be obtained online through the “Predial Online” website or at a land registry office. These documents are valid for 6 months.


- Copy of the property description by the Portuguese finance department (Caderneta Predial), can be obtained online at the finance website or in person. These documents are valid for 6 months.


Note: - If you own a property with an urban and a rustic part, you will need to obtain these documents for both parts.


- Copy of the License for use, is a document issued by the town Council, after the completion of construction of the building. If construction of the property was completed before 1951, then a certificate exemption issued also by the town council will be required.


- Copy of the energy certification document of the property, is obtained by hiring a certified technician who will survey the property to obtain this certificate.


- Copy of the architectural design drawings, although not required, is an aid in promoting the property.


At the time of the deed it will be necessary to present the updated documents mentioned in the above list with exception of the architectural design drawings.


The following documents must be provided to the new owner at the time of the deed:


- Housing datasheet for properties built after 30 March 2004.


- Original Document of the License of Use.


- Original Document of the Energy Certification of the property.



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